Solarex İstanbul Fair (09 – 11 July 2020)

İstanbul Fuar Merkezi, Atatürk Hava Limanı Karşısı, 34149 Yeşilköy İstanbul

Solar Energy and Technologies Fair “Solarex Istanbul” -our country’s first and only solar energy themed fair- is fair which provides a chance for Turkey to take important steps in the direction of being a production centre in the field of solar energy. Being a commercial platform where the latest technologies in the world in the field of solar energy and new products produced in Turkey are presented all together, “International Solar Energy and Technologies Fair” has the characteristics of being an organization in which sector’s leading firms and representatives meet. The fact that there is a fair focusing on that subject in Turkey -recognized as one of the most sunny countries- draws intense interest from various world brands which are recognized worldwide and willing to make investments in Turkey. Our country, the sunbathing area of which is quite high, has been supported with “Solarex Istanbul” fair in terms of turning this geographical feature into an advantage.

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